Stefan Korboński
born 2 March, 1901 in Praszka
died 23 April 1989 in Washington

patriot, social activist, soldier and politician
of the Polish Underground State


Zofia Korbońska - 1915 - 2010

Soon, on 16 August, the first anniversary of death of an eminent Polish woman, Zofia Korbońska, will take place. For over half a century, she faithfully accompanied her husband, Stefan Korboński, in life and struggle of one of the leaders of the Polish Underground State, writer and independence activist in exile. She herself had an extraordinary personality, full of courage and sacrifice.

During the occupation she worked in the underground and fought in the Warsaw Uprising. In exile in the United States she worked in the "Voice of America" radio station and was active in the Polish American Congress. After the death of her husband she co-founded the Foundation bearing his name.

Zofia Korbońska participated in public life in Poland and abroad. She was involved in the work of the Honorary Committee of 70th anniversary celebrations of World War II Outbreak and the 20th anniversary of the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Close to her heart was the Warsaw Rising Museum, which she had visited. She also stepped forward in defence of the Institute of National Remembrance. In 2006 she was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

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